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Trap Neuter Return

Trap - Neuter - Return

Trap-Neuter-Return is the most humane and effective method for managing the feral or stray cat population. Once humanely trapped by community volunteers and brought to a veterinary clinic or shelter, cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated for rabies where appropriate, and ear tipped for identification. After surgical recovery, the cats are returned to their original territory. When foster or permanent homes are available, young kittens and friendly adults are removed and placed for adoption. This approach has the potential to greatly reduce the size of the feral cat population over time, reduce nuisance behavior, and improve the overall health of the animals, while continuing the positive effects of a healthy feral cat population, such as rodent control.

If you would like to participate in the City’s TNR program, please contact Columbia Animal Services at (803) 776-7387 for program details and assistance.

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Trap Neuter Return

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