Shelter Support

Animal Mission is proud to be a part of a number of support initiatives on behalf Columbia Animal Services, designed to improve the stay and outcomes of the facilities pets while they await adoption.

Shelter Dog Beds (August 2022)

Through a series of fundraising projects, we were able to purchase a Kuranda bed for each of the 165 kennels at Columbia Animal Services, providing a more comfortable night’s sleep for dogs awaiting adoption. Thanks to our volunteers for the many hours spent assembling all of the beds!

Sensory Garden (July 2022)

We helped the shelter’s veterinarian and a team of volunteers create a multi-sensory experience for dogs, complete with herbs, flowers, a pool, sandbox, stone pathway, and a variety of ground cover surfaces to engage their senses and provide stimulation during their enrichment times. Thank you to Lowes of Columbia for providing much of the materials used in this project.

Walking Trail (April 2022)

We reclaimed an overgrown, abandoned area behind the shelter and converted it into a natural walking path for volunteers. The route covers approximately .5 acres around a natural pond and provides a change of scenery for shelter dogs to take an extended break from their kennels.

Meet & Greet Kennel Renovation (April 2021)

In an effort ton create a more visually appealing, safe, and healthy space for adopters to comfortably get to know a dog prior to adoption, we took on the renovation of the four outdoor meet and greet kennels with new turf, shade sails, and benches. Thank you to our kennel sponsors for their contributions to the cost of this project.

Medical Isolation Building (July 2020)

With the help of your donations and a tremendous amount of volunteer labor, we were able to construct a 16’x24’ stand-alone medical isolation building in only 29 days to provide emergency housing for ringworm positive cats at Columbia Animal Services. Today, the building is a flexible isolation space for ringworm, parvo, and other infectious diseases that require separation from the shelter’s general population during the course of treatment.


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Together, we're working to address the root cause of pet overpopulation and neglect.

Animal Mission is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to addressing the root cause of shelter overpopulation and euthanasia in the Midlands of South Carolina by removing barriers to spay and neuter services for all pet owners in our community.
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