Who We Are

Animal Mission provides vouchers to assist pet owners with the cost of spay and neuter procedures.

We are committed to helping making spay and neuter affordable and accessible for all pet owners in the Midlands, in an effort to help reduce overcrowding and euthanasia in our local municipal shelters. Since our program began in 2006, we’ve made steady strides toward attaining 'No Kill' status for the Midlands.

It’s work that matters.

Spay and neuter is the single most effective tool in achieving the end of space or resource-based euthanasia in shelters. By removing the barrier of cost that pet owners face, we’re producing a clear and measurable decrease in shelter intake, and ultimately euthanasia.

We don't do this alone.

In partnership with Columbia Animal Services, who helps distribute the vouchers we fund, and in conjunction with all of the spay and neuter partners who accept them (including The Humane Society, Pawmetto Lifeline, Pets Inc, and over 33 private veterinary practices), we’ve provided over 5,200 spay/neuter procedures in the last 12 months alone. Since the inception of our program, we’ve funded over 66,000 vouchers— an investment of more than $3 million in our community.

Animal Mission is a South Carolina based 501(c)3 charitable organization. Our policies, programs and activities are guided by a board of directors comprised of community volunteers who are elected by sitting board members to serve two-year terms of office.

Board Members

Jon Sears - President
Business Owner

James Galante - Vice President
Producer, Adams Eaddy & Associates

Will Warren – Treasurer
Alkermes, Inc.

Marli Drum - Secretary
Columbia Animal Services

Nick Galante
Antech Diagnostics

Dr. Nori Warren, DVM
Four Paws Animal Clinic

Julie Ruff
Legislative Monitor

Antjuan Seawright
Political Commentator

Harriett Green
Art Consultant

Victoria Riles
Columbia Animal Services

Meredith Pope
Owner - Fetch! Pet Care Columbia

Kay Hampton
Project Manager, Maynard Nexsen

Kelli Powell

Cristina Ward

Dr. Vanessa De La Rosa
Pediatric Dentist

Samantha Bido
CRN Anesthetist

Kristie Baker
Medical Professional

Executive Director - Jen Coody

Advisory Board

Animal Mission’s Advisory Board is composed of past board members and community leaders who provide guidance and support to our efforts. They serve as program ambassadors in our work toward achieving No Kill status for shelters in the Midlands and promote animal welfare in our community.

Nola Armstrong ◦ Joan Amundson ◦ Murray Baroody ◦ Will Brennan ◦ Bill Brumbach ◦ Bob Coble ◦ Daniel Coble ◦ Emile DeFelice ◦ Bill Ellen ◦ Barc Farnsworth ◦ Mardie Faucette ◦ Cyrus Frakes ◦ Ashley Hayes ◦ Frannie Heizer ◦ Page Hodson ◦ Karen Hoover ◦ Kevin Hoover ◦ Beth Huelin ◦ Billy Huelin ◦ Cami Hutchinson ◦ Fran Johnson ◦ Steelman Ketchum ◦ Jeanna Lizzi ◦ Sheriff Leon Lott ◦ Katherine Mahon ◦ Eloise McMillian ◦ Craig Melvin ◦ Kristin Niemi ◦ Robin O’Neal ◦ Bill Owen ◦ Alita Pillick ◦ Bryan Quinn ◦ Daniel Rickenmann ◦ Joanne Schwartz ◦ LeeAnn Schwartz ◦ Billy Shephard ◦ Debbie Sonefeld ◦ Anne Sinclair ◦ Jim Sonefeld ◦ Laura Sonefeld ◦ Melody Taylor ◦ Samuel Tennenbaum ◦ Lauren Tucker ◦ Bill Turner ◦ Carole Williams ◦ Elle Linowski

Request a Voucher

Live in Richland or Lexington Counties? Request a voucher for discounted spay/neuter.

Together, we're working to address the root cause of pet overpopulation and neglect.

Animal Mission is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to addressing the root cause of shelter overpopulation and euthanasia in the Midlands of South Carolina by removing barriers to spay and neuter services for all pet owners in our community.
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